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Panthers Judo Club

Panthers Judo Club Rules

1:- Under no circumstances are you to go onto the judo mat without the instructors presents or his / her permission.
2:- Rai (Bow) when entering or leaving the dojo (Judo Hall).
3:- Rai when going on or off the judo mat.
4:- Never walk on the mat in footwear.
5:- Never go bare foot off the mat.
6:- Maintain a high standard of personal hygiene.
7:- No jewellery, body piercings, makeup are allowed on the mat.
8:- Judogi (Judo Suit) must be clean and in good repair.
9:- Finger and toes nails must be kept short.
10:- Always pay attention when sensei (Teacher / Instructor) is talking.
11:- When in the dojo and on the mat always refer to the teacher / instructor as sensei.
12:- Always try your best when practising.
13:- Always report any injuries you may have prior to going on the mat.
14:- Do not practice judo outside the dojo
15:- Always have respect for all other judo players
16:- HAVE FUN!!